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Everyone shhhh! Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham  is serving up a plate of wisdom, and we're feasting on her musings. Today's topic? None other than New Year’s, a beautiful time where glam gals like Farrah can make resolutions about the year ahead of them.

We’d be at a loss if it weren't for Farrah's guidance, and luckily she made us a Keek. So, what does she have to say for herself? So many wise things, guys.

"Wohoooo, 2014 is coming up, and I have a lot of new New Year's Resolutions," Farrah shares. "I think it's more about my mind and soul other than my body, so I'm more excited for 2014 for those reasons."

Good to know — but that's not all! Farrah also had some advice for her legions of fans, adding "Strive for the things that you're scared to try. And do and conquer. Much love."

Farrah’s advice is actually deep, and we're glad to know that she's finally focusing on her soul rather than her body. Does this mean she'll get through 2014 without any surgical procedures? Only time will tell. All we know is that this Keek is kind of like the time Farrah explained the Defense of Marriage Act to us, only even more beautiful.

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