News flash: Farrah Abraham has terrible luck in relationships. So terrible that she showed up to Couples Therapy only to find out that she'd been completely rejected by her "boyfriend," DJ Brian Dawe. This backdoor babe just can't find a man to share a bottle of Passy Perfume with, and no amount of therapy from Dr. Jenn Berman is going to make her feel better.

Of course, Farrah's perpetually single status could have something to do with her mile-long list of requirements for the future man in her life. This former Teen Mom star recently took it to Twitter to share her wishlist of qualities for a boyfriend, tweeting "IS THIS 2 MUCH 2 ASK FOR!?"

No, Farrah. No it isn't. Actually, maybe it is. Check out Farrah's list of must-haves below!

Credit: Twitter

1. Skype with me
2. Surprise visit me
3. Cheer me up when I'm upset
4. Have a good sense of humor
5. Be honest with me
6. Tell me you miss me
7. Take pictures with me
8. Be a dork with me
9. Send me random, sweet text messages
10. Fall asleep with me

We're sure Farrah won't have any trouble finding someone to "take pictures with her" (that rotting corpse from Girls and Corpses certainly seemed game), but her requirements sound slightly needy. In fact, this kind of reminds us of the fated day that Farrah told Daniel Alvarez what she needed out of their relationship and he was just like "pass!"

Do you think Farrah's list is unreasonable, or does every girl deserve a guy who dotes on her?