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Have you been watching Farrah Abraham on Couples Therapy? Because it's basically the best thing that's ever happened to our lives. In case you'd forgotten, Farrah is a pseudo porn star, and she's using her platform on the show to defend herself against claims that her sex tape with James Deen was professionally filmed.

Rumor has it that Farrah hired James (um, accurate) and spent big bucks on having her tape professionally produced, but girlfriend insists this isn't the case. Poor Farrah came under fire when her Couples Therapy co-stars accused her of hiring a camera crew to document her sexcapades, and is now claiming that the rendez-do was completely intimate. Just herself, a porn legend, and a camcorder.

"There was only me and the camera person," Farrah said in her defense. "So where are you seeing a camera crew? I can straight up honestly say there was never any other person ever around us when we were having sex."

Apparently, Farrah doesn't think she got her point across [we think "camera person" = James Deen in her amazing mind], so she took it to Twitter to muse.

"I love how everyone thinks there was a camera crew to film me having sex with one other person when my partner was holding the camera (WOW)," she tweeted.

We're going to side with Farrah on this one. It seems pretty clear that she and James were alone in the room, plus James confirmed to Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that he's holding the camera for most of the film — when it wasn't propped on a tripod, that is. Let's hope this is the case, because anyone else involved in this not-porn would have some seriously high therapy bills to contend with...

Source: VH1

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