Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Please stop what you're doing, because it has been rendered completely irrelevant in the face of Sophia Abraham's birthday. The tiny Teen Mom star turned five years old on February 23 (sigh, they grow up so fast!), and the time has come for us to celebrate the good times — by eating tons of cake and dousing ourselves in Passy Perfume, obviously.

There's no denying that Sophia is a bonafide princess, and she definitely got the royal treatment during her birthday. Sophia's mom, Farrah Abraham, pulled out all the stops to celebrate her little lady's big day, and honestly we don't even know where to start. Not only did Sophia and Farrah have a photoshoot in which they wore furry boas and vogued for the camera, Sophia also wandered around on some traumatized pony/unicorn with rainbow-striped hair. They then went on a "choo-choo" train ride with her friends, and binge-ate a giant castle-shaped cake, as ya do.

Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Meanwhile, an emotional Farrah took it to Twitter with a special message for the leading lady in her life, tweeting "IT'S OFFICIAL @10:25am MY BABY SOPHIA IS #5 :) #HAPPYBIRTHDAY My 1 & only , I Love You!"

Tears! Judge Farrah all you want, but no one can deny that she's a dedicated mom. She may spend time away from home for work, but Sophia gets 100 percent of her attention when she's back in Austin. This sweet gal is going to remember her fifth birthday for years to come — Farrah did an amazing job!

What do you think of Sophia's fabulous party? Is this kid lucky, or what?