At this point, it's hard for us to do anything but dance to Farrah Abraham's sure-to-be-hit single "Blowin'” (starring our personal muse, Sophia Abraham). However, we were able to tear ourselves away from this gal's music video long enough to write this important article, containing breaking news about Farrah's life as a songstress.

We imagine that you've spent the majority of this week wondering if Farrah was going to gift us mere mortals with a worldwide tour to promote her new song, as well as her forthcoming album. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to see Farrah performing on stage? Words cannot even describe.

Unfortunately, Farrah doesn't plan on performing her seminal hit any time soon, and she tweeted "I don't aim to do concerts for now :) #BLOWIN."

Sigh, we're lovin' how Farrah ends every single tweet with "blowin',” but we're definitely not lovin' the fact that she won't be hitting up our local concert venue. In fact, to borrow a theme from Farrah's video, it truly blows.

Of course, Farrah is a world-famous jack of all trades, and we wouldn't be remotely surprised if she ended up headlining the VMAs this year. We live in hope!

Would you pay to see Farrah in concert? Weigh in below.