Saint Farrah Abraham is truly a jack of all trades. A renaissance woman, if you will. Not only is this Backdoor Teen Mom a best-selling author and creator of patent-pending Passy Perfume, she's starting her own restaurant, is an amazing musician, kinda-sorta-maybe runs a dating website, makes pasta sauce for a living, has her own line of plastic vaginas (do you, girl), and — oh yeah — she's a reality star.

Farrah's first brush with the spotlight was on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, but since appearing on this critically acclaimed docu-drama, she's starred on Teen Mom as well as VH1's Couples Therapy. Farrah keeps teasing us mega-fans with her eventual return to the small screen, and it looks like girlfriend has her sights set on Celebrity Apprentice, starring our favorite businessman (and his toupee), Donald Trump.

Farrah recently posted a link to the current cast of Celebrity Apprentice, and seemed a bit wistful about the fact that she wasn't included in the season 7 roster. "Wondering why I haven't won Celebrity Apprentice yet!?" she tweeted to no one in particular. "Season 7 contestants announced and more."

We spend most of our time wondering why Farrah hasn't won Celebrity Apprentice, and it looks like she's just as confused. Hopefully, Farrah's not-so-subtle hint will alert Donald Trump of her existence, because we're thinking it's high-time this gal adds "personal assistant" to her resume.

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