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Amazing news, everyone. Saint Farrah Abraham's seminal classic, My Teenage Dream Ended, just got a well-deserved makeover! This inspirational autobiography and its accompanying experimental album have been leaping off the shelves for a couple years now (remember when it was  No. 11 on The New York Times E-Book Best Sellers list?), and Farrah's celebrating in style — with a brand new book cover.

Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Farrah's gone through a lot of physical changes since she shot the OG cover of My Teenage Dream Ended, so it makes sense that she'd want something a little more up-to-date. Not only did this girl get breast enhancements and a nose job, she popped a chin implant in-and-out of her face, had her teeth worked on, and re-styled her hair.

Meanwhile, Farrah's daughter, Sophia, has also changed a lot in the past couple years — and she's cuter than ever on the new cover of My Teenage Dream Ended.

Check out a picture of the book's second edition here — which features Sophia riding on her mom’s back while Farrah holds an iPhone, a pacifier, and wears a giant blinding brooch. They look great, and Farrah couldn't be happier about the new cover.

"We wanted to give a little shout out video for the new second edition and second print of My Teenage Dream Ended," she mused on Keek. "Thank you for always just being a fan of ours. Thank you so much, hope you enjoy the new cover and share the story!"

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Source: Keek