Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Farrah Abraham leads a busy life full of public appearances and spicy Italian pasta sauce. When she isn't getting her lady parts molded for "pleasure products," she can be found spending time with her daughter, Sophia. Farrah popped out Soph at the tender age of 16, after she and her baby daddy, Derek Underwood, got frisky on prom night. And the rest is history! This gal went on to be a star of MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, and it goes without saying that she and Sophia are still closer than ever.

Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Sure, Farrah's gotten some heat for her parenting over the years (that time she waxed Sophia's unibrow), but MTV's most notorious star spent Mother's Day doing what she does best — bonding up a storm with her little girl, opening presents, and making inspirational Keeks.

"I wanted to share what Sophia got me," Farrah mused to her army of fans. "A cute card that is vacuuming, it's so adorable!" Apparently, this little lady also got her mom flowers and chocolates, and Farrah took it to Twitter to say that "Sophia is the best!"

Tell us something we don't know, lady. Sophia is the sweetest kiddo on Teen Mom planet, and Farrah's a pretty good mom. Yeah, some naysayers think this starlet should spend more time with her daughter and less time touring strip clubs, but Farrah's priorities are definitely in-line. Sophia always comes first, y'all!

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