Credit: Keek

Ladies, do you wake up in the morning and say, "Sigh, I really wish I had a giant replica of Farrah Abraham's lady parts to fondle?" Because today is your lucky day. Yep, you guessed it, Teen Mom's resident Patron Saint of Pornography is coming out with a line of pleasure products for women!

We assume it’s part of her overall campaign to become a feminist — not to be confused with a lesbian (Farrah's made that mistake before). So, when should we prepare our bodies for a silicone mold of Farrah's body? Sooner than you think. Farrah's OG line of pleasure products for men will hit the shelves on July 7, and she hopes to get to work on a lady line shortly after!

"July 7th the novelty toys come out, and those are mainly for men right now," Farrah explained to the bros at Xtreme Radio. "I'm just feeling out how others feel out their first novelty toys [editor's note: LOL], and then I hope we can do some for women. So I'm excited!"

Awesome, now we know what to ask Santa for during Chrismukkah! Of course, Farrah's received some criticism for her foray into sex toys, but she says that "as long as it's done in a healthy tasteful way, I'm ok with it." Nothing healthier than pouring some plaster into your vagina and making a mold!

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Source: Xtreme Radio