Credit: Froco on Twitter

Remember that time you were casually scrolling around Farrah Abraham's frozen yogurt website, and suddenly it was taken over by scarring images of her backdoor, set to the dulcet tones of "You Spin Me Round"? The horror.

Froco Fresh Frozen's website hack will go down in infamy, and while Farrah has beefed up security to protect the innocence of her mascot, Coba the Poppin' Boba, she's also been busy formulating a theory about who came in through Froco's backdoor.

"I'm like, ‘How is it odd that Fox News knew about it before I even did?’”Farrah tells AfterBuzz. "I was doing a radio tour and someone's like 'Fox News just said your website's hacked', I'm like 'What?!' So that's just very odd. I say whoever tips it off first, they're responsible."

Hear that Fox News? Farrah is onto you. Although something tells us this news channel is too busy covering world events and being mocked by Jon Stewart to have time to hack a website...

Either way, Farrah is basically the Sherlock Holmes of Frozen Yogurt Sex Scandals, and she knows what's up when it comes to people breaking into her backdoor. You have some serious explaining to do, Steve Doocy!

Source: AfterBuzz