Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Saintly muse and future religious leader, Farrah Abraham, took time out of her busy schedule of pouring mold into her private parts to hit up San Diego's Comic-Con, where she (duh) got her comic on.

This icon attended the nerd fest with her BFFs at Girls and Corpses (remember when she was on the cover along with a dead body? Good times!), and according to Starcasm, she spent Saturday and Sunday signing copies of her issue.

We can only imagine the hoards of fans (many of whom were likely dressed up as Legolas) who flocked to Farrah's booth, and you better believe she took time out of her busy schedule to pose with them! This gal even took a few snapshots with Comic-Con characters including a giant stuffed Snoopy, two of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and a Power Ranger. 

So, basically all of our ‘90s childhood memories have now been paired with the infamous Backdoor Teen Mom. And yes, Girls and Corpses introduced the term "Backdoor Snoopy" into our lives, and we'll probably never get over it.

In other news, Farrah looked like a sexy yellow banana at Comic-Con — we loved her outfit! Do you agree? Weigh in below!

Source: Starcasm