Credit: Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Word on the street is that Farrah Abraham's doing research for an upcoming project by working as a stripper in Austin (don't you dare judge her, sob!), but she's managed to take some time off from her grueling job to dash over to California!

Farrah's hosting what's been described as "the sexiest lingerie party in Sacramento" at Social Nightclub on Friday, August 15, and the time has come for her to pick an outfit. Naturally, this iconic future nun will wear lingerie to mark the occasion (because duh), but she took it upon herself to ask fans for their opinion.

"Well Thursday!! What Lingerie should I wear for Friday?!?!" Farrah tweeted while the human race went collectively blind. "#ThongThursday."

So, basically, Farrah would like you to pick out a thong for her. And from the looks of this picture, choices include a bedazzled silver stunner with fringe, something terrifying and red that might be a garter belt, and a surprisingly demure white bra. Somehow we don't think Farrah will be going for the most modest option, so expect your weekend to be filled with NSFL photos of her parading around in a few scraps of fabric masquerading as a neglige. We're all so blessed!

Are you in Sacramento? Please do yourself a favor and go to this party. And then come back here and take over the comments section.

Source: Farrah Abraham on Twitter