We imagine you started your day wondering what Farrah Abraham is up to. The answer: So much. Like, she's just up to so many things. Including riding around in her brand spankin' new car, which happens to be a Mercedes Benz! 

Credit: Farrah Abraham on Facebook

That’s right, Farrah is now the proud owner of what we believe car enthusiasts call "a Benz," or in layman's terms, some giant fancy SUV that cost six figures.

You might be wondering how Farrah can afford such expensive wheels and it’s pretty obvious.. Not only did she make a cool million on her groundbreaking documentary and memoir, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, but she recently signed a stripping contract with Palazio Gentlemen's Club in her hometown of Austin, Texas, which pays more than a half a million dollars.

So, how much did Farrah throw down for her new car? Starcasm reports that her white E-Class Mercedes (and its accompanying red bow) has a starting price of $100,000. Then again, who knows how much Farrah paid for this bad boy at the dealership in Georgetown, Texas.

One thing's for sure, though —this frozen yogurt fan-girl is super excited about her tricked-out new ride. "#MercedesBenz MBofGeorgeTown E-Class #AMG surprise!" she tweeted enthusiastically. "Utility&Luxury."

Sigh, we're so happy to see that Farrah's spending her money wisely. Never change, you iconic living legend, you! Keep doing you, Farrah.

Source: Starcasm