Farrah Abraham’s New Reality Show: Which Network Will Pick It Up?
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Farrah Abraham’s New Reality Show: Which Network Will Pick It Up?

Did you guys hear the fantastic news? Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham just landed a new reality TV gig with New York City-based production company Spinboi Films, which means she could be returning to our small screens sometime in the near future!

Of course, could is the operative word here, as there's no guarantee a network will pick up her sure-to-be epic "docu-soap" (yeah, still not sure what that means).

Spinboi Films doesn't have much of a resumé to go off of — unless you count their web series I'm Still Sally, featuring former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael (she was big in the '90s, Google her) — so we don't really know what to expect. But if Farrah Superstar is front and center (and, presumably, fully clothed), we know the networks will be clamouring to get a piece of America's favorite pasta-sauce maker in action.

In the meantime, take a gander at our list of networks we think would be a perfect fit for Farrah's post-Teen Mom debut!

Farrah Abraham’s New Reality Show: Which Network Will Pick It Up?
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1. MTV

If — and that's a BIG if — they aren't too pissed about that whole porno thing. But considering Ke$ha just drank her own pee on national television (no, really), we think there's a good chance Farrah would be welcomed back with open arms — so long as she keeps her backdoor closed.

2. Oxygen

This network took a chance on Paris Hilton. Need we say more?

3. VH1

Rumor has it Farrah was this close to getting on Season 3 of Couples Therapy. The only hitch? She didn't have a boyfriend. Womp. But Farrah's obviously cool flying solo (uh … yeah) and since VH1 is part of Viacom, she's already got her foot in the (back)door. Sorry, couldn't resist.

4. Logo

Sure, you may not agree with Farrah's foray into adult films, but there's no denying that she's broken down gender norms and stereotypes by embracing her body (er, by letting James Deen embrace it), and she's not ashamed. Nor should she be. And with all the unfortunate "slut-shaming" going on, we think Farrah deserves a place where she can truly be herself — and there's nobody more accepting than our LGBT friends. Plus, rumor has it she may be sexpanding her own horizons...

5. TLC

Farrah has a lot to teach the world — like how to apply fake eyelashes and how to get famous — so what better network to showcase her skills than The Learning Channel? Plus she'd be in good company with such superstars as Honey Boo Boo … and people who hoard things.

What network do you think should pick up Farrah's new show? Tell us below!

05.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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