Farrah Stands Up to Her Parents! Recap of Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 5
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Farrah Stands Up to Her Parents! Recap of Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 5

Farrah’s move to The Sunshine State (read: Retirement City) was a big adjustment for all of us, but her rentals can't stand having their baby gals so far away! Now that Farrah's adjusted to life in Florida, it's high time to visit her mom and pops and get her braces out (OMG, finally!) –– but first she has to phone chat with her therapist for a pep talk. Been there, girl.

Unfortunately, Farrah's trip home is less than perfect, and she gets into a huge fight with her mom, who suggests sharing Sophia part time. Woah. Here go hell come.

Farrah is peeved at her mom's interfering 'tude, so she goes out to eat with her dad only to have him get on her case about Sophia. Sigh, time to a break out the big guns. "I am happy to be independent and work hard and have everything I want," she tells her pops over dinner. "I'm happy to move away and get away from all of it. [...] I don't feel like you guys can take care of her better than I can!"

Them's fighting words, Farrah. We understand why this gal's parents are worried that she and Sophia are living miles away with a bunch of old geriatrics, but asking Farrah to give up time with her daughter is definitely out of line.

Then again, Farrah can be kind of harsh especially with Michael (who might just dethrone Papa Randilicious as Most Adorable Teen Mom Gramps). Hopefully these guys make up before the next family get-together in Florida!

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