Fashion Police Mock Super Pregnant Elsa Pataky: “Horrible,” “Beer Belly”
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Fashion Police Mock Super Pregnant Elsa Pataky: “Horrible,” “Beer Belly”

If a celebrity wears a ridiculous, outlandish, or otherwise crazy outfit on the red carpet, the Fashion Police are going to make fun of it. But when they extend the same attitude to a pregnant celebrity — mocking her just because her baby bump is big — that is a whole different ball game.

Kim Kardashian was famously lampooned during her pregnancy, and the reality star has made no secret about how much the comments hurt. If people compared you to a giant killer whale, don’t you think it would hurt? Well, Kim is now back to her slender pre-baby figure, but there’s another pregnant star who’s moved into the line of fire.

Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa! The beautiful Mrs. Thor joined her superhero hubby on the red carpet at the 2014 Oscars on March 2, and considering that the Fast & Furious 6 actress is currently  pregnant with twins, her baby bump was pretty hard to miss.

Elsa’s already well into her third trimester, so her twin-sized baby bump is about the biggest it’s going to get. Her beaded teal Elie Saab gown was specially made to accommodate her expanded midsection and the Fashion Police critics just weren’t very impressed with the final result.

"It's just not the appropriate dress to wear if you are pregnant,” the Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne said.

"The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman," George Kotsiopoulos said, before promptly proceeding to rip on a pregnant woman. "But it's a horrible dress on her. It doesn't look like a baby bump, it looks like a beer belly."

No, we’re pretty sure it looks like a baby bump. Maybe some people aren’t aware, but that’s pretty much what a woman’s midsection looks like when there are two tiny humans stuffed inside.

Source: Us Weekly

03.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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