Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale: Will Caleb Die? He Is Cursed…
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale: Will Caleb Die? He Is Cursed…

Pretty Little Liars' talk of a #fAtalfinale for next week's summer-ender has us seriously worried for all of the Liars but maybe we are worried about the wrong characters. After all, PLL has a skill for misdirection. Rather than the core four, should we be worried about the Liars' loved ones namely one recently-returned Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn)?! He is cursed...

Yes, the Ghosts Are Still After Him

PLL has stayed tight-lipped about what exactly happened to make Caleb leave Ravenswood. We'd assumed that he cleared up that little curse that had ghosts trying to murder him (and almost succeeding), but maybe that was naive of us. Could the ghosts still be after Caleb? Could they come all the way to Rosewood to finish their mission? We wouldn't put anything past these nefarious spirits. The penultimate episode of the summer season is set to explore some of Caleb's lingering issues a la Ravenswood for example, why he still has trouble sleeping at night and is drowning his fears in vodka. Could this episode be leading up to a summer finale death no one saw coming?

No, the Show Isn't That Cruel

PLL would have to lay some pretty quick groundwork in this week's episode to pull this kind of major plot development off. Even if they did, we're not sure this show is that cruel: to bring back a fan favorite after his failed spin-off just to kill the character off. Talk about kicking a Caleb while he's down. Not to mention what this would do to Hanna. Sure, it would provide some pretty intense motivation for her character moving forward, but at what cost? Hanna has already spiraled with the return of Alison to Rosewood. Caleb's death would certainly push her over the edge, and we're not sure if PLL wants to become that show. Then again, Emily did lose Maya. Would PLL be willing to do the same to Hanna and Caleb?

No, But Something Bad Will Happen to Him

There are fates that "A" apparently deems worse than death. We know because she seems to have one in store for Ali. Instead of killing her, she has forbade her from leaving Rosewood. What does "A" have planned? And could Caleb get caught in the crossfire? Recently, we theorized that Caleb and Ali might know each other, that they could have met in that abandoned basement Ali stayed in during her time on the run. If this is the case, then he could easily get pulled into the "A" game either by Ali or "A". Even if it's not true, Caleb's value to Hanna has always made him a target. Will the summer finale be the episode where "A" aims at Caleb?

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