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TV Nostalgia

Wetpaint’s Favorite TV Moms: Where Are They Now?

There are some shows that we loved so much when we were younger, it's almost like the characters were our besties. So it makes sense that sometimes TV moms felt a little bit like our moms, too! For Mother's Day, we're taking a look at our favorite mothers on the small screen, and the lovely ladies behind the characters.

Of course, as in real life, TV moms aren't perfect — but some of these ladies dispensed great advice right when we needed it most, gave us a double dose of familial love to get us through a day, or were just awesome aside from any parental status. Other times, they reminded us of our own moms!

Sure, they're fictional characters, but our love for them is totally real. From grounding, moral compasses like Amy Matthews (Boy Meets World) to fun-loving mama-besties like Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), click through the gallery to see some of our most favorite TV moms — and what the actresses behind them are up to now.

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