Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Photo: Justin Bieber Brings a Snake Named Johnson to the 2011 VMAs

Choo choo! Here comes the Justin Bieber deposition train… and now that the videos have been released, we almost can’t believe what we just watched.

TMZ has obtained the full four-and-a-half hour deposition video, but for our convenience has trimmed it down to just the parts we’ve absolutely got to see — and in the videos, Justin is just as we imagined he’d be: A little arrogant, a little confused, and a lot annoyed with the lawyer who’s questioning him.

To refresh your memory, Justin was questioned last week for a trial where he allegedly ordered his bodyguard to beat up a photographer. And while we already know Justin didn’t respond well to questions about Selena Gomez, we are now getting a better taste of his behavior during the deposition.

Justin often refuses to answer questions directly and turns to sarcasm instead, even if the questions aren’t particularly incriminating. When Justin is asked if he knows Usher (which he obvs does) he responds, “Yeah… Usher… sounds familiar.”

Most cringeworthy? When asked how his career got started, Justin says that he was discovered on YouTube and was “detrimental to my own career” when he actually meant to say he was “instrumental” to his own career… that’s a Freudian slip if we’ve ever heard one.

We totally understand that more than four hours of questioning is not the way anyone wants to spend their day — especially for someone who’s clearly got a lot going on right now — but we think Justin’s depo might have gone a little more smoothly had he cut back on his disrespectful answers and had just gotten to the point. But hey, however he wants to do it!

Source: TMZ

Credit: AOL Photo: Justin Bieber Deposition (VIDEO)