Are the Feds After Joe and Melissa Gorga? — Report
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Are the Feds After Joe and Melissa Gorga? — Report

As Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, await their fate with their sentencing for their fraud case scheduled for this July, 2014, rumors are popping up that Melissa Gorga could be the next Jersey gal from the Real Housewives of New Jersey to find herself in legal turmoil. According to Star Magazine, Melissa and her hubby, Tre's brother, Joey, have had their own trail of financial issues and could have legal troubled headed their way. But is it true? It's impossible to know right now.

According to the Star source, the couple is "trying to live a lifestyle that they want to become accustomed to, but can’t. It’s only a matter of time before it finally catches up with them."

The source goes on to spill dirty details, claiming, "Joe and Melissa definitely have a bad reputation, and their credit history doesn’t track well. In fact, nearly going into foreclosure was just one of many financial missteps the duo has made — this has resulted in $35,000 worth of tax liens filed against them from the state of New Jersey and more than $130,000 civil lawsuits. When Teresa (Giudice) and Joe started flaunting money on the show, the Feds watch them very closely, and busted them. There’s no way they aren’t watching the Gorgas now.”

Of course, this gossip is just that — gossip. And when you're in the spotlight, there's always someone looking to tear you down. With Teresa and Joe Giudice in the news for their fraud trial, it's easy to see why people would start pointing fingers at the other Housewives even if it's based on nothing. So, we're sticking by the old rule: innocent until proven guilty.

Do you think Melissa and Joe are in danger or is this rumor just a rumor? Sound off below!

Source: Star Magazine