Feud Alert! Tamra Barney Calls Gretchen Rossi a “Nasty Bitch” — Gretchen Responds
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Feud Alert! Tamra Barney Calls Gretchen Rossi a “Nasty Bitch” — Gretchen Responds

It's no secret that Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi are definitely not besties. But things between the two Real Housewives of Orange County ladies has gotten worse than ever, with Gretchen responding after Tamra called her a "nasty bitch."

On May 7, Tamra posted a photo to Instagram of an interview that Gretchen gave recently with Life & Style magazine about Tamra's ongoing custody battle. In the interview, Gretchen says that Tamra "cares more about RHOC than taking care of her kids."

Tamra responds to the interview with this caption: "This nasty bitch will do anything to stay relevant. GO AWAY! You know nothing about my life or my kids. I pray that one day you have the happiness and beautiful children I have. I pray that your children are not hurt by divorce and their names are not drug through the mud by people like you."

Wow! Then, Gretchen took to Twitter to respond. "I've never spoke about her kids, unlike how she has spoke so much negative about Slade and his relationship with his son. I would have every right too, but I don't play dirty unlike her," Gretchen tweeted. "I never claimed anything I couldn't back up or prove."

Yikes. And so the drama continues, even though Gretchen is no longer on the show. We just hope that these two ladies can find a way to mend fences someday.

Do you side more with Gretchen or Tamra in their dispute?

Sources: Tamra on Instagram, Gretchen on Twitter