Fiercely Real Kasia Goes Home! ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 9
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America's Next Top Model

Fiercely Real Kasia Goes Home! ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 9

Four blondes and a brunette land in Marrakech, Morocco on the last episode of America's Next Top Model (April 27, 2011). They stare in amazement at their beautiful surroundings and laugh at camel toes. Surely, they'll be given a key to the country in no time.

So, How Are You Feeling?: We get to look into each model's frame of mind. Alexandria believes she can change, while Molly bemoans having to be fake like Alexandria to avoid being cut. Kasia thinks she needs to work a little harder because of her age and weight. Brittani wants out of her trailer and into a swanky NYC apartment. Hannah quietly reflects on a picture of her cowboy family.

Some Eats and Some Clothes: After meeting Miss J, Mr. Jay, some snakes, and some monkeys, the models head to what looks like a seriously delicious Moroccan lunch. It's making us very hungry. From there, they head to designer Noureddine Amir's showroom, where André Leon Talley is waiting to tell them they look dreadful in their travel clothes. Each model gets to put on a dress and walk for Noureddine and André. These clothes are siiiiiiick, and Brittani rocks the first structured gown with no problem.

There's a sad/awkward moment when Kasia is unable to fit in the dresses selected for her. "I don't know what else to say," she says. "It sucks." But they find one for her, and she's the only one who brought heels, a move André commends her for. Molly complains about her dress being too long, but does OK. Hannah performs well despite not having the use of her arms. Alexandria also has a good walk, especially once she takes off the white socks. In the end, André thinks Brittani was the most high fashion. Her real sense of accomplishment comes from beating Alexandria, though.

So, How Are You Feeling...Again?: André meets with the models on a rooftop for tea (very natural) and asks how they're doing at this point in the competition. Alexandria says she feels unique -- whatever that means. Molly can barely hide her disgust. Then all of a sudden, André's like, "This is your house," and the girls run inside to claim beds and scream with happiness. These digs are pretty epic. Molly, however, finds something to complain about when she's forced to sleep in a bed with Kasia and Brittani. Ideal situation? No. Are Kasia and Brittani complaining? No. Because they're in Morocco with a chance to win a billion crazy awesome things.

Ride That Camel: The models head to the desert to meet Jay, who's riding on a camel...which is exactly what they'll be doing! The camel's dejected face says it all -- we feel you. Michael Woolley is the photographer, and he's delightfully British and a great narrator. The models are wearing a mix of traditional Moroccan clothing with a hint of European sophistication.

Brittani goes first and kicks some booty. It's hard enough to sit on a camel, but she manages to stand on top of it and wave her scarf about. Molly also does well, creating some great angles as the camel moves up and down. We're a little put off, though, by her attitude on set. Her plan is to "pretend not to be a bitch like I am, so I won't go home." Endearing! At least she's honest...? Michael is frustrated with Kasia's performance and felt totally out of control shooting her. Kasia tells Jay she started getting insecure about her body and it's clear she's frustrated. Alexandria is entirely too controlled for everyone's taste and once again is accused of over-directing. She does manage to stand on the camel, however. Hannah gives Michael exactly what he wanted by truly looking lost in the desert: "Bravo, girl."

Quite Franca-ly, She's Tough to Please: Everyone stand up straight, Franca Sozzani is here. The judges love Brittani's unusual, dramatic pose and androgynous look, but Franca thinks it's a touch contrived. Franca likes Alexandria's standing pose, but André feels she has too much tension in her mouth. Tyra Banks also mentions that her film was inconsistent. Both André and Franca want more energy from Kasia's photo. Everyone agrees Molly's photo is fantastic. Hannah's photo is praised for being very current, and her awkward hand position is forgiven.

Call-out Order: Molly (she knew it), Brittani, and Hannah. Alexandria and Kasia are the bottom two.

The Moroccan Dream Ends For: Kasia. Both models have spotty talent, according to Ty, but Alexandria took a slight edge. Kasia looks truly heartbroken and disappointed in herself. Just remember, girl -- you were the only one who remembered to pack heels! That's a real world skill right there.


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