Fifty Shades of Grey: Charlie Hunnam’s 5 Steamiest Sex Scenes (VIDEO)
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Fifty Shades of Grey: Charlie Hunnam’s 5 Steamiest Sex Scenes (VIDEO)

If you weren't familiar with your future Christian Grey, here's your chance to get acquainted with this dreamboat. He rose to fame in the U.S. as tortured, sexy bike gang heir Jax Teller, but he's been sexually aggressive and oft-shirtless in pretty much everything he's been in, including the UK's Queer as Folk, Undeclared (although they kept it pretty PG), and more.

You may have seen him and crushed on him before without realizing it, as he's kind of a chameleon. But we know one thing for sure: He looks super fine when he holds someone down and gets busy. It's almost like he's been bred to be Christian since day one. See our list of Charlie's sexiest sex (and almost sex) scenes below!

It should go without saying that most of these videos are not safe for work.

5. Jax Teller's Affair With a Porn Star

In Sons of Anarchy, Jax's brief tryst with a porn star causes issues that only begin with his personal life, but at least we get some hot scenes out of it. If you want to cut to the chase in this fan-compiled video, the sexytime starts at 2:22.

4. Charlie Hunnam and Olivia Wilde Get it On in Deadfall

As far as we know, the only reason to watch Deadfall is seeing two of the sexiest people alive — Charlie Hunnam and Olivia Wilde — go at it.

3. Charlie Hunnam and Virginal Katie Holmes in Abandon

We get a nice pre-Fifty Shades preview from this scene from 2002's Abandon, where Charlie calls Katie Holmes's character a virgin, throws her finance textbooks out a window, and pins her to a bookshelf. Ooh la la!

2. Charlie Hunnam Gets Aggressive With Aidan Gillen

Yes, that's Littlefinger from Game of Thrones (or Tommy Carcetti from The Wire, if that's more your bag) getting grinded on by Charlie Hunnam. You're welcome, ladies.

1. Every Single Scene Between Jax Teller and Tara Knowles

One thing that keeps fans coming back to Sons of Anarchy is the tumultuous, and super-steamy, relationship between leading man Jax and his on-again, off-again wife and baby-mama Tara. A superfan made this supercut of their hottest scenes that we're inclined to agree with, although we have no idea what the personal inscription at the beginning's about.

BONUS: Charlie Hunnam's Extended Shirtless Conversation in Undeclared

One of Charlie's early American roles was the nerdy protagonist Steven's laissez-faire roomie, Lloyd. We love this scene of the two casually discussing the Bible, while only a bundled-up blanket keeps Charlie decent. It starts at 2:36.

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