Fifty Shades of Grey in Pre-Production — With Open Casting Call?


Fifty Shades of Grey in Pre-Production — With Open Casting Call?

Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been waiting forever-and-a-month for real casting news on the movie series. We know the first film comes out next August, but otherwise all we've heard are rumors. However, a listing at is getting some traction.

In a post headlined "Universal Pictures open casting call for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' male and female lead roles," they claim the movie is officially in pre-production, with an Emmy-winning casting director now conducting an international talent search for the right stars to play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. This report said they were accepting submissions from the general public, beyond any names submitted by talent agents.

For Ana they reportedly want someone "20-25 years old, Caucasian, very beautiful, innocent and inexperienced, but also very intelligent and sharp." For Christian, they reportedly want "25-33 years old, Caucasian, the perfect man, he’s extremely good-looking, sexy, confident and carries himself well. His intelligence and drive has led him to become a self-made billionaire."

They also noted that "No acting experience is required," which is ... surprising. There was an "official casting page" listed, but it was only live for a little while and it's now ... not live.

There are tons of details in the casting call, and outlets from Cosmo to The Inquisitr picked up the post. But is it legit? Maybe. Maybe not?

We've been burned by false rumors too many times, so we won't be surprised if director Sam Taylor-Johnson, author E. L. James, or anyone else involved with the production just sighs and says this isn't legit either.

Besides, if you were the director of such an anticipated potential franchise, would you put out an open casting call to the general public for LEAD actors with no previous experience? It's not like this is a reality TV show, where scouts can head out to malls around the world to find people for the next season of The Amazing Race or whatnot. Wouldn't you want professionals?

Anyway, check out the post here and see what you think. At least it's something, while we wait!

Sources:, Cosmo, The Inquisitr

08.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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