Pretty Little Liars Finale: 10 Questions We Need Answered
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Finale: 10 Questions We Need Answered

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale is only three episodes away, and we cannot wait. The episode is called “‘A’ is For Answers,” and we’re expecting loads. Here are the 10 questions we need answered, please.

Why did Alison fake her death? We’re looking for quite a few answers from Alison, but, first and foremost, we want to know why she faked her death. What was she so afraid of? Does she have any idea who it is? We just need more deets from this rogue blonde. Faking one’s death is quite drastic. What instigated it?

How was Spencer involved? We know now Spencer saw Ali right before she disappeared. While we don’t quite believe Spencer hurt her bestie, we think she may have been involved in the faked death somehow.

Why did Mrs. DiLaurentis pay CeCe off? Though Mrs. D. has denied seeing Spencer the night of Ali’s disappearance, Ezra’s notes suggest she paid CeCe off to stay quiet about a fight Spencer and Ali had that night. Why?

Pretty Little Liars Finale: 10 Questions We Need Answered
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Who is in Alison’s grave? If Alison isn’t in her own grave, then who is? Could it be Sara Harvey, the girl who went missing from a nearby town around the same time as Ali? Or is it someone else? And how did Ali fake the identification?

What is Radley covering up? We’ve always known Radley is hiding something, but we’re even more certain that they were somehow involved in the events surrounding Ali’s disappearance after this season. They paid Toby off to keep him from looking further into their dealings, Mrs. DiLaurentis is on their board, and Mr. Hastings seems to know something about their secrets. We think all of these things may be connected.

Who is helping Alison? Though Alison looked pretty desperate rifling through her last few dollars before catching a random bus, we don’t think she’s survived these last few years completely alone. Who else, besides Shana, has been helping her? Ezra? Mona? CeCe? Jason?

Pretty Little Liars Finale: 10 Questions We Need Answered
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Who is “Beach Hottie”? The show seems to want us to assume that Ezra “Board Shorts” Fitz and “Beach Hottie” are the same person, but we’re not so sure. Beach Hottie was the dude who maybe got Ali pregnant that summer on Cape May, and whom Ali was terrified would find out. Who is Beach Hottie? Did he have something to do with Ali’s disappearance?

Who killed Wilden? We’re not too torn up about Wilden’s passing, but that doesn’t mean this loose end doesn’t worry us. How is Wilden’s murder connected to the “A” game? Why was he killed? Even if CeCe really did it, who was she working for? We can’t help but think that answering these questions will help unravel the mystery of the “A” game.

Who is “A”? What? We can dream!

Which questions do you need answered in the season finale? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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