American Idol Finale: Former Contestants Predict Who Will Win!
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American Idol Finale: Former Contestants Predict Who Will Win!

Who better to guess who's going to finish first in tonight's American Idol finale than someone who's been through it? As the former contestants walk down the red carpet and spill all their opinions, we're learning a lot about who might win tonight.

“Candice is gonna win it, and if she doesn’t, then she didn’t!”

We're not sure what that means, except that Blake is pro-Candice.

“You gotta stay true to yourself,” said Blake when asked for advice for the winner, “You gotta pay attention to your fans and what they’re into, and then maybe they’ll be into what you do after Idol.”

Chris Richardson is on Team Kree, so much so that he and Blake Lewis put "a bet" on it.

Well, not really a bet. They want to give whoever wins a record deal, they said.

Chris's advice for future Idol contestants? “You just have to make yourself relevant and keep doing it.”

Stefano Langone was non-commital in his answer: “I wanna see Kree win. Do you I think she will? No. I think Candice will win, because I think the show is in favor of her.”

“I love that there were five girls at the very end. The girls just took over this year," observed Kimberly Locke, "And to imagine that that’s never happened. How is that possible?”

So who's going to win? "The two girls that are left, they both have amazing stories, they’re both are amazing singers, and they’re both very different. So at this point, the one thing they should know is that they’re both winners. Regardless of what america decides, they love both of them, obviously.”

Her answer is no answer: they're both great. But what would she have told the Kimberly Locke that was on Idol 10 years ago? She just wishes she'd documented the experience more. “I wish I’d taken more pictures, I wish I’d journaled more.”

05.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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