Breaking Bad Finale: How Did “Felina” End?
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Finale: How Did “Felina” End?

Breaking Bad came to an end with Season 5, Episode 16: "Felina," What was everyone's final fate? We'll have a full recap here, but for those of you who just want the bullet points so you can keep up with the water cooler conversation tomorrow, we've got your back right here.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Breaking Bad series finale.

- Walter managed to leave 9 million dollars for his family by threatening Gretchen and Elliot into bequeathing it to Walter Jr. on his eighteenth birthday.

- Walter broke into Skyler's new house for long enough to say goodbye to her, and to his baby, Holly. He also admitted to Skyler that he didn't just do everything for family: He did it for himself, because he liked it.

- Walter did not say goodbye to Walter Jr., but he did see him from afar one last time.

- Walter killed Lydia by putting the ricin in her Stevia, AKA her favorite sweetener for her tea.

- Walter took down the entire neo nazi syndicate with a machine gun/helicopter combo that came out of his car trunk.

- That gun did not kill Todd; instead, Jesse took the opportunity to strangle him to death.

- Walter gave Jesse the chance to shoot him to death. Jesse declined and drove away, finally free.

- Walter had been hit by his own gun contraption, and died in the meth lab.

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