Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: Season 2, Episode 22, “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: Season 2, Episode 22, “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”

Belle is back! In tonight’s amazing Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale (Episode 22: “And Straight On ‘Til Morning), Emma and Regina have a little bonding session, the chipped mug finally pays off, and Henry goes on an impromptu vacay.

Where Have You Bean?

The episode begins with Hook joining Greg and Tamara in the mines, where Greg uses a pickaxe on the diamond he stole from Regina. This triggers the failsafe and starts to turn Storybrooke into a forest. That's not good.

Gold is devastated to learn that Neal was shot and fell through the portal, but he gets a bit of good news in the form of a potion which the Blue Fairy made from one of Pinocchio's hairs. And here we thought it was a bad thing when someone’s hair gets into a drink. Belle’s memory comes back — and we’re still in tears over their kiss!

After David gives Hook a warm welcome by punching him in the face (what a sweet gesture!), they decide to team up to swipe the beans back from Greg and Tamara. Things get heated, but Hook manages to end up with one bean and he wisely discourages David from going after the rest. Hook avoiding a fight? We never thought we’d see the day.

Regina and Henry exchange “I love yous,” which is touching until we realize it might be their final goodbye. Regina is prepared to die while using her magical powers to slow down the fail-safe’s destruction, allowing everyone else to escape.

Sure enough, this diamond turns out to not be a girl’s best friend, since slowing it down is sapping Regina’s energy. Henry thinks they should try sending the diamond through the portal, and so Emma after telling Hook that Neal is Henry’s father convinces Hook to hand over the bean. That is one popular legume.

Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: Season 2, Episode 22, “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

Greg and Tamara Take a Parting Gift

When Emma and Henry get down to the mines, they realize there’s no bean meaning Hook still has it. Regina is fading fast, until Emma decides to step up to the plate. Together, the two of them combine their powers and successfully stop the diamond. Two moms are better than one! It’s a Mother’s Day miracle!

Everyone wants to celebrate with Henry, but they realize that the poor little guy has been stolen by Greg and Tamara. Uh, couldn’t Henry have screamed when he was being kidnapped? Long story short: Where is Ohio abduction hero Charles Ramsey when you need him? Get the man a Big Mac and he’ll find Henry in no time.

The group can’t stop Greg and Tamara from hopping into a portal with Henry. However, Hook conveniently drops by with the bean to help. Gold is on board, too, and will shield Storybrooke — meaning Belle will stay safe, but Gold can’t come back. C’mon, OUAT we finally get Rumbelle back together, and now they’re parting ways again? Not cool!

Finally, we see that Neal is on the beach and is discovered by Mulan, Aurora, and Phillip! That is one odd mixture of people (especially since the last time we checked, Philip wasn’t exactly up and at 'em), but we did predict he'd end up in the Enchanted Forest. Plus, there’s no denying that Neal could use some new friends. The dude is kind of a lone wolf.

Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: Season 2, Episode 22, “And Straight On ‘Til Morning”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

Who Wants to Go Boating?

In this week’s flashback, we see Hook realize his prisoner is Baelfire. The Lost Ones (aka the evil Lost Boys) come looking for Bae, but Hook protects him, as he is determined to use him in his revenge quest.

Hook teaches Bae had to steer the ship, at which point Bae comes clean to him, revealing that his father is the Dark One and that the dagger can be used to kill him. Hook then finally returns the favor and reveals that he ran off with Bae’s mom, leading Rumple to kill her. What a cheery story to tell a young boy.

Bae is shocked that Hook was using him, so he packs his bags to leave the ship. He is snatched up by the Lost Ones, who toss him into their boat and put a bag on his head. Anyone else get some serious Lost memories during this scene? (“Walt!”)

Finally, the Lost Ones take Bae to Neverland, but when the bag comes off Bae’s head, they realize he’s not the boy that Peter Pan is looking for. We see a picture and realize that Peter is after Henry! We also realize that Peter Pan is, well, kind of a jerk.

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

- The finale was unquestionably awesome, as we see Emma developing her powers, Hook and Rumple putting their differences aside, and of course that perfect Rumbelle reunion! But how long will Rumbelle now be apart for? Gah! We. Can’t. Deal.

- Greg and Tamara didn’t appear to know whom they’re working for, but it’s apparently Peter Pan. So why does Peter Pan want Henry so badly? And what is Gold’s relationship with Peter?

- How soon will Neal get back to his family? How is Phillip alive? And how will we survive until the fall without answers to these questions? If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the fetal position.

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