True Blood Finale Shockers: 5 Most Memorable Moments
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True Blood

True Blood Finale Shockers: 5 Most Memorable Moments

We’re still not sure exactly what the last episode of True Blood’s sixth season has in store for us, but based on the body count so far this year, we’re a little scared! And just take a look at the promo video; vamps fighting humans, faeries fighting vamps, guns, fangs, and blasts of light everywhere! Things are certainly gonna get crazy in Bon Temps.

True Blood has surprised us time and time again with shocking finale moments over the seasons, so we’ve decided to gather up the best of them in order to try and prepare for this Sunday’s finale, “Radioactive.”

Season 1: “You’ll Be the Death of Me” True Blood’s first season ender shocked us a few times, but the biggest one was watching Sookie chopping off serial killer Rene Lenier’s head with a shovel! Who knew Sook had it in her? And let’s not forget the body discovered in Sheriff Andy Bellefluer’s car in that last shot … cliffhanger!

Season 2: “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’”

Two big second season finale shockers come to mind: Sam goring maenad Maryann Forrester to death with his bullhorn and finishing the job by tearing her heart out with his human hand! And Eggs! Poor Eggs being shot to death by clueless Jason Stackhouse.

Season 3: “Evil is Going On”

Even though both Sookie leaving for the faerie realm and Bill and Sophie-Ann’s impending fight to the death were awesome, we think the MOST shocking moment of the Season 3 finale was Sam Merlotte shooting a gun at his brother Tommy Mickens (but not killing him)! That was a definite “WTF” moment, and a game-changer in terms of how we viewed the scruffy shifter.

Season 4: “And When I Die”

The Season 4 finale gave us a trifecta of awesome shockers, with Lafayette tragically stabbing his boyfriend to death while under control of Marnie Stonebrook, Bill and Eric double-crossing Nan Flanagan and giving her the True Death, and of course, Sookie shooting Alcide’s girlfriend Debbie as revenge for Tara’s death!

Season 5: “Save Yourself”

Authority member Rosalyn’s death was a nice, shocking moment: Sam Merlotte flew into her mouth in fly form, and then shifted once inside exploding her vampire body with the force of his human one (ewwwwww)! But of course, the biggest moment of this finale was Bill Compton drinking Lillith’s blood and emerging from the puddle of gore as “Billith!”

Oh man. So many great finale moments! We can’t wait to see what happens this Sunday.

What do you think will be the most shocking moment of the True Blood Season 6 finale? Sound off in the comments!

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