Bachelorette Finale Spoiler: Reality Steve Dishes on the Mysterious Letter to Andi!
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Bachelorette Finale Spoiler: Reality Steve Dishes on the Mysterious Letter to Andi!

During the promo for next week’s Bachelorette finale, we see Andi Dorfman getting a letter from one of her final two suitors — Josh Murray or Nick Viall — that the editors lead us to believe makes her waver on her Final Rose recipient. The preview tells us that the letter is “from the one she didn’t choose” and that the words contained within “could change everything.” Insert record getting scratched by a needle sound.

Twitter exploded when the promo was shown during the July 21 Men Tell All special, with viewers basically tweeting WTF? all over the Internets — until, that is, Reality Steve stepped in to put the brakes on. “If it was something that important, do you really think they’d show it during the closing credits?” he tweets. “Take a deep breath. Nothing has changed.”

The dirt digger went on to remind us we’ve seen tactics like this before from the dating franchise, tweeting, “Just like they overhyped the letter Chris gave Sean in the ep before the finale, same thing here. Calm down people.”

He’s referring, of course, to the letter Catherine Giudici gave Sean Lowe in Season 17 of The Bachelor. Producers hyped the note as her “Dear John” adios letter to the Bachelor, but it really turned out to be a sweet nothing from Cat to Sean, and her way of telling him she thought he was the bees knees.

Whether Steve is right or not, we have less than a week to wait now to find out! Down to the final two, which, thank goodness — our nails can’t take any more biting.

What do you think the letter will turn out to be? Is it nothing or a game changer?

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