Ravenswood Finale Spoilers: Luke and Olivia’s Heartbreaking Discovery — Exclusive
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Ravenswood Finale Spoilers: Luke and Olivia’s Heartbreaking Discovery — Exclusive

The Season 1 finale of Ravenswood is finally going to bring some closure for the Mathesons. During Season 1, Episode 10 (“My Haunted Heart”) twins Luke (Brett Dier) and Olivia (Merritt Patterson) finally learn what really happened to their father, which will result in a devastating scene between the two siblings.

“There’s a scene that we filmed in the finale that was really intense for both Brett and I,” Merritt Patterson told Wetpaint Entertainment. “It was incredible emotional. That was nice to film with him; it’s definitely my favorite brother/sister moment.”

“It’s very emotional,” her on-set brother Brett Dier added. “It was intense because we had to stay in that mindset all morning. It wasn’t one of those scenes that you could shake off or pretend when they say “action.” It had to come from the gut, and so we stayed pretty upset together, being extremely miserable, for seven hours.”

We’re guessing this is the moment Luke and Olivia discover who killed their father. “It’s pretty heavy for them to deal with,” Brett told us. “Now, they have to figure out what to do with the answers… They have a tough life! It’s like every day is a crappy day for Luke and Olivia.”

We know someone in Ravenswood is responsible for the act, according to the dealmaker in Remy’s dream, but who? Mr. Collins seems like the obvious choice, seeing how he was in love with Rochelle Matheson, but nothing is ever that simple in Ravenswood. Merritt and Brett wouldn’t tell us who the murderer is — although, Brett did say, “It answers a lot of questions, but it doesn’t feel like a resolution for them.” — but they did shed some light on Dillon, who’s been at the center of a lot of supernatural drama lately. Now that he’s going on joy rides with Collins, we don’t know what to think! Could he be the one who carried out the murder?

Ravenswood Finale Spoilers: Luke and Olivia’s Heartbreaking Discovery — Exclusive
Credit: Patti Perret/ABC Family Channel © 2013 Disney ABC Television Group    

“You see a different side to Dillon. There’s more to him than Olivia thought, and she’s not happy about it,” Merritt said. In fact, this sudden realization might lead Olivia to finally “snap.”

“I think she’s really trying to stay strong and composed, but she’s really starting to grasp at anything at this point,” Merritt told us. “They’re getting desperate for answers, and she feels like she’s losing everything. She doesn’t have any control, and Olivia is all about control, so she’s really struggling. But, in this finale, something snaps in her. You definitely get to see a different side to her. She realizes that everything is not OK, and there’s nothing she can do. So things need to change.”

So it looks like we’ll be seeing a whole new Olivia come Tuesday night’s finale, but what about Luke? He may be hellbent on finding out who killed his father, but when Remy suddenly goes missing, he realizes the stakes have never been higher.

“All of this stuff has brought [Luke and Remy] closer, Brett said. “If they can get through this kind of stuff, they can get through anything. There’s not many couples I know who can get through ghosts trying to kill them.”

For Remy and Luke, ghosts are definitely the least of their worries. “This episode might be the most intense episode of Ravenswood yet,” Brett added. I’m pretty sure. It’s a lot of action, a lot of stunts, and a lot of risks.”

We couldn’t be more excited for the finale! What about you? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the epic finale of Ravenswood on Tuesday, February 4 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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