The Originals Finale Spoilers: Someone Will Die!
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The Originals

The Originals Finale Spoilers: Someone Will Die!

We’re still recovering from the madness that was last night’s episode of The Originals. The penultimate episode of the season seriously switched up the power dynamics in the French Quarter, and New Orleans will never be the same. With the Season 1 finale picking up right where this episode left off, it sounds like things are only going to get worse in Season 1, Episode 22 (“From a Cradle to a Grave”). What did Joseph Morgan (Klaus) tell Zap2it about the season-ender?

"It all comes to a head,” Joseph spoke of the Season 1 finale. “It really opens the world up but also it's fearless. They've never been afraid to kill characters that we like and they've never been afraid to let people do things that might make them unpopular, and both of those things will happen in the next two episodes."

Yikes! Who is dying on The Originals — and will it be permanent? We doubt the miracle baby is actually in danger, but we’re not so sure about both of her parents (especially since death really can be easily reversed on this show). Hayley will do anything to keep her baby safe, including sacrifice her own life. And, we think Klaus might actually be willing to go that far, as well. Given that the spell that gives the Guerrera witches their super strength and agility is linked to his blood, killing himself might be the only way to save the people he loves and, if Davina did bring Mikael back, we know there is someone who will be up to the task of ending Klaus.

Whatever goes down, it is going to be epic: "The whole season has been a pleasure, but the last few episodes especially are like a rocket ship and I think we're going to finish very strong," Joseph teased. "It's utterly compelling you to watch next season." As if we would miss it, JoMo.

Who do you think will die in the Season 1 finale? What do you think the cliffhanger will be? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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