Grey’s Anatomy Finale Spoilers: Will Lauren Get Between Calzona? Hilarie Burton Says…
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Finale Spoilers: Will Lauren Get Between Calzona? Hilarie Burton Says…

It’s been a long, difficult road for Callie and Arizona this year on Grey’s Anatomy, so as Season 9 comes to a close, we were hoping that things would be peaceful and calm for the finally-happy couple. However, with the introduction of sexy new doctor Lauren (who very openly gets her flirt on with Arizona), the last two episodes of the season will bring a superstorm in more than one way.

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Creator Shonda Rhimes has sent us mixed messages (per usual) about the couple, saying she’ll be “good to Callie” and “good to Arizona,” yet also revealing that the finale has a “breathtaking moment” for them that “stunned everyone into silence” at the table read. Oy with the conflicting ideas!

Instead of trying to decode Shonda’s cryptic tweets, we went straight to the source to find out what’s up with Lauren, including her motives and what to expect from the upcoming lopsided love triangle.

“Arizona a really good-looking woman! She is everything that you’d want in a woman. She has overcome so much, she’s super-smart, she’s super-beautiful...” portrayer Hilarie Burton dished to TVLine. “If there is a wedge in her relationship [with Callie], you better believe Lauren is the kind of person that will hammer it in a bit. You don’t let those opportunities pass you by.”

Grey’s Anatomy Finale Spoilers: Will Lauren Get Between Calzona? Hilarie Burton Says…
Credit: Ron Tom/ABC    

Opportunity? Since when is a married woman an opportunity? Hilarie admits that Lauren’s persona (“engaging and fun”) is meant to make Arizona’s decision hard. “If I came in and played a sleazy character, it would make Arizona look kind of flip, to keep flirting back,” she admitted. “But by coming in and trying to be someone who is supportive and in awe of her, and is everything that maybe she’s lacked in her other relationship, I want to be able to justify her character’s decision.”

It’s understandable considering that Callie and Arizona have had a rocky road this season, but things are finally looking up for them! To that, Hilarie has a bit of a solution — a three-way relationship.

When The Huffington Post’s Maggie Furlong posed the idea — “It could be the first super lesbian three-way on network TV.” — to the White Collar actress, she didn’t get explicit with the details; instead, she suggested it as a new lifestyle. “That would be a really progressive household that I would be so proud to be part of,” she said, ready to move in and raise baby Sofia with them.

In all seriousness, Hilarie notes that the situation at hand (the superstorm) makes for an adrenaline-filled, tense environment that alters decisions. “It's close quarters and tensions are running high. And anytime you share an experience with someone that is either really frightening or really exhilarating,” she noted. “It's like that last scene in Speed where Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are kissing because they just got out of this experience together ... [It's] that sense of, "Oh, we're the only two that know what it's like to go through this!" That can be intoxicating to some people.”

Just how toxicating will Arizona be to Lauren (and vice versa)? We’ll have to wait and see during tonight’s penultimate episode, which serves at the first part of the epic two-part finale, and cross our fingers that Grey’s doesn’t share a Speed-esque kiss.

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