Bachelorette 2014 Finale Synopsis: A “Surprising, Explosive Ending” to the Season!
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Finale Synopsis: A “Surprising, Explosive Ending” to the Season!

Well, we hope your bladders are as strong as your tolerance for drama, because next week’s season finale of The Bachelorette is a doozy — three hours worth of a doozy! Andi Dorfman is down to just two guys — Josh Murray and Nick Viall — and she’s got some off the charts chemistry with both. How will she decide who to make out with for the rest of her life?!

Bachelorette 2014 Finale Synopsis: A “Surprising, Explosive Ending” to the Season!
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ABC’s press release for the episode promises that the Monday July 28 finale is gonna be cuh-razy! “In this week’s dramatic conclusion, Andi is absolutely torn between the two men and can envision a future with both, but time is running out.” Eek! Thankfully, Andi has dad Hy coming to her side to help her gain some clarity — or not.

The press release tells us that Andi’s fam “is first introduced to Nick who is determined to ask Andi’s father for permission to marry his daughter. But things get off to a shaky start when the usually confident bachelor is almost tongue-tied when he faces his potential in-laws.” Um, yeah, we’re not sure shaky covers it — check out a clip of Nick’s awkwardness with Hy here.

But Josh doesn’t seem to fare much better with the fam. “Will his quick wit and easygoing charm raise a red flag rather than win over Andi’s family? Andi’s dad is right on target when he says that Josh is the kind of guy Andi falls for but never settles down with.” Looks like producers just aren’t ready to let that whole “Josh is an athlete, can I trust him?” thing go.

After the familial bonding, Andi gets one last sexy time with each guy. She and Josh set sail along the Dominican coast and then the Hotlantan gets hot and bothered with Nick during a swim in a private lagoon. Both men end the dates with “heartfelt” gifts intended to sum up their feelings for the Dorf — another coloring book from Nick, anyone? — and then Andi has to choose who to give her precious last petals to.

The release teases that the choice ain’t gonna be easy: “The final days of Andi’s journey are filled with questions. Then, in a surprising, explosive ending, Andi must do the hardest thing she has ever done. Will her trip of self-discovery end in an engagement or is she headed for heartbreak?” Which is it, ABC? Our hearts can’t take much more wondering!

We can only assume the “surprising, explosive ending” they’re referring to has to do with the letter “from the one she doesn’t choose” ABC has been pimping in promos. And as for whether Andi’s journey ends with a ring on her finger or a solo flight back to Georgia, you can spoil yourself here. Wanna be even more in the know ahead of Monday’s episode? See who she picks here.

After Andi makes her pick and we see how it all shakes out, the Dorf will sit down live with Chris Harrison to relive her last days of taping and talk about how she made her “heart-wrenching” decision. Nick and Josh will also take the hot seat, and we imagine one — or both — will have some pretty emotional questions for the gal. Can’t wait!

Who do you think she’ll choose in the finale — Josh or Nick — and will the final guy propose? Share your predictions in the comments.

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