Bachelorette 2014 Finale Twitter Recap: Nick Viall Lost in More Ways Than One
Credit: Nick Viall on Twitter    

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Bachelorette 2014 Finale Twitter Recap: Nick Viall Lost in More Ways Than One

Whoever signed Nick Viall up to audition for The Bachelorette owes the guy a Coke (we’re pretty sure it’s this gal, BTW). From the moment Andi Dorfman gave him the First Impression Rose in the Season 10 premiere, he had a target on his back the size of Milwaukee, and things just went downhill for the guy from there.

And after tonight’s Season Finale, in which he got his heart handed to him on national television, we’re pretty sure Nicky V just wants to forget he ever heard of a girl whose name rhymes with Dandi Aorfman, aka the woman now engaged to a guy whose name rhymes with Mosh Jurray.

Early on, Nick got painted as the villain of Andi’s Euro Trip of love, while simultaneously being one of her frontrunners. While he won over a few followers throughout his tour, those fans were pretty silent on Twitter tonight. As Bachelor Nation watched Nick get dumped, write Andi a letter, then kind of, sort of stalk her through accomplice Chris Harrison, the Twitter comments aimed Nick’s way were less than forgiving. Pretty much all of the Internet agreed Nick needed to stahp!

While McSalty was the main focus of comments on Twitter, other topics in the three-hour finale did make a splash on the social media site. People agreed Hy Dorfman is the boss, with several peeps making a plea to Hy to adopt them. Josh’s salmon-colored pants on his last date with Andi also got quite the notice. And, overall, tweeters were overwhelmingly happy for the super lovey dovey, pretty adorable couple’s engagement.

Here are the highlights from tonight’s roundup of tweets about the finale: