Breaking Bad Finale: Who’s the Ricin For?
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Finale: Who’s the Ricin For?

In the flash-forward that opened Breaking Bad’s final season, we witnessed Walt entering his now-condemned old house and retrieving his hidden vial of ricin. Heading into Sunday’s finale, we still aren’t sure just who he intends to use the poison on, but here are our best guesses.

Lydia. She’s the reason why blue meth is still a thing. If it weren’t for her and her European clientele, then Walt could’ve ridden off into the sunset with all of his money and Hank would still be alive (at least that’s probably what he thinks). Plus, Lydia’s always drinking tea, so dropping a little ricin into her mug would be an easy and non-suspicious way to take her out of the picture.

The Schwartzes. When Walt saw Gretchen and Elliot gabbing to Charlie Rose about what little influence Walt had over Gray Matter Technologies, he got really, really angry. In fact, that was the moment that sent him back to Albuquerque to get the ricin to begin with, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if he’s so consumed by anger that he poisons the both of them.

Todd. While we’re guessing that Walt’s machine gun is for Jack and the rest of the Nazis, Todd is a different type of villain than his uncle. He’s the creepy, silent type, so poison seems like a more fitting way for him to meet his end. Also, he’s gaga over Lydia, so maybe the two of them end up sharing the same pot of tea with a little extra something in it besides chamomile.

Jesse. Wouldn’t it be just Jesse’s luck to escape from Todd only to be poisoned by Walt? As far as we know, Walt’s still pretty angry at Jesse, so if Todd and company botch his execution, Walt may take matters into his own hands.

Skyler. Maybe Walt will ultimately blame Skyler for Junior’s recent declaration that he should die. If that’s Walt’s line of thinking, then it wouldn’t be totally out of character for him to off his wife, leaving Junior no choice but to be with him.

Brock. Hey, Walt poisoned him once, what’s to stop him from doing it again? If this is the case, Walt will reach a whole new level of evil.

Himself. We suspect that Walt wants to go out on his terms, which probably is not succumbing to lung cancer in a jail cell. Maybe after Walt does whatever he’s going to do with his nice, new machine gun and takes care of all of his business, he pops some ricin and watches the sunset in the desert. Stranger things have happened.

Who do you think the ricin is for? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the Breaking Bad finale on Sunday, September 29, 2013.

09.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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