Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals: Cha-Cha Relay Challenge (VIDEO)
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Finals: Cha-Cha Relay Challenge (VIDEO)

There were many twists on Dancing With the Stars 2013, but a few tried-and-true challenges remained, including tonight’s Cha-Cha Relay Challenge. Kellie and Derek were up first, delivering quick fire moves, sharp and smooth at the same time. Next was Jacoby and Karina, staying close as they flipped and spun around the floor, then sliding underneath Aly and Mark to dance with them for a moment. They were precise and shook around before tagging in the final pair, Zendaya and Val, who ended things with fun spins, twists, and perfectly-in-sync moves.

“With respect to our other stars, these are the four who deserved to make it into the finale,” Len said. “As far as I’m concerned, you are all winners … well done, congratulations!” Bruno showered everyone with compliments, from calling Kellie “precise” to Jacoby “incredible to see.” Carrie Ann applauded them being all fantastic, yet diverse. Ultimately, the scores went as following: Jacoby & Karina (fourth, 2 points), Aly and Mark (third, 3 points), Kellie & Derek (second, 4 points), Zendaya & Val (first, 5 points).

What did you think of the DWTS relay challenge? Sound off on your favorite pair below!

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