Finding Carter: 4 Things to Know About Episode 5 — Will Elizabeth Stop Looking For Lori?
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Finding Carter: 4 Things to Know About Episode 5 — Will Elizabeth Stop Looking For Lori?

Carter has been struggling to adjust to her new home life — and rebelling as a result — but tonight’s episode of Finding Carter (Season 5, “The Heat”) finds Carter settling into her new life. Not only does she start to bond (and laugh!) with her birth mother Elizabeth, but she also helps her twin sister Taylor land her first — and second and third — kiss.

Of course, Carter can’t quite seem to let Lori go, and when Max tells her the truth about Lori’s reappearance, she’s on a mission to find her. And more importantly, she needs to convince Elizabeth to stop hunting her.

1. Carter and Elizabeth get closer. For a moment in tonight’s episode we get a sneak peek into the life Elizabeth could have had with her daughter — one without Lori. While on the job with Elizabeth, the mother-daughter duo engage in an adorable paintball battle. Elizabeth even manages to make Carter smile! But the friendly fire stops when Elizabeth gets a call and lets Carter tag along on a real-life crime scene. There, Carter sees a more compassionate side to her birth mom, prompting her to ask Elizabeth to show Lori some compassion. And things obviously go south from there. Elizabeth isn’t ready to go easy on Lori. But can you really blame her?

Finding Carter: 4 Things to Know About Episode 5 — Will Elizabeth Stop Looking For Lori?
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2. Lori is back. And she’s acting crazier than ever. Lori has been coming to Max with messages for Carter — and he’s really tired of being an accessory to her crazy behavior. Lori wants Carter to run away with her, but Max isn’t a fan of that idea. And frankly, neither are we. Lori’s story is getting creepier by the second. We’re worried she might do something really crazy to get Carter back.

3. Max and Taylor kiss. Carter and her friends decide to play spin the bottle to help Taylor get her first kiss, and it turns out there’s more to Taylor than SAT prep. This girl really likes kissing — just ask Gabe! But Taylor saves her best kiss for Max, and the two finally end up having their first kiss during a rousing game of 7 Minutes in Heaven. We think Taylor is going to find herself with more than a few handsome suitors this season. (But we’re still #TeamMax.)

4. Crash is still kinda the worst. Don’t get us wrong: we understand his appeal. He’s the bad boy in the town, and Carter is totally crushing on him. But first he tells her to use Elizabeth to get deets on Lori’s whereabouts and then he ends up hooking up with another girl during 7 Minutes of Heaven — after he asked Carter to stick around and wait for him! Not cool, bro.

Catch the next episode of Finding Carter on Tuesday, July 29 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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