Who Got the First Rose at The Bachelor 2014’s Premiere Rose Ceremony?
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The Bachelor

Who Got the First Rose at The Bachelor 2014’s Premiere Rose Ceremony?

Whew! The Bachelor 2014 is dunzo, and Juan Pablo Galavis has given his last rose to beautiful pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell. But as we look back on a season full of tears, awkward conversations, and long gowns fit for the finest proms, we can’t help but think of the Season 18 premiere. Namely, the first rose that Juan Pablo passed out in his first name-calling (oops, word choice) ceremony. Surprisingly, Viggle LIVE! users were pretty split on who they thought scored the first Rose Ceremony flower.

In fact, 47 percent of Viggle users thought Sharleen Joynt was the girl, but actually she got the First Impression Rose, so she didn’t even get her name announced later in the night. And while 6 percent of Vigglers thought Nikki nabbed it, it was actually Clare Crawley who came out ahead of the pack, as 47 percent guessed correctly.

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Nikki, meanwhile, got the second rose in the ceremony. But as avid viewers of ABC’s reality dating show know, she also racked up two group date roses, two 1-on-1 date roses, and the one that matters, the final rose.

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