Does Scandal Creator Shonda Rhimes Want Fitz and Olivia to Be Together?
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Does Scandal Creator Shonda Rhimes Want Fitz and Olivia to Be Together?

Scandal is nothing if not a constantly thinky, always evolving adventure. And one of the biggest conflicts that keeps us coming back for more is the Fitz-Olivia “will they / won’t they” connection that never gives us a moment of rest. And the lady behind that uneasy feeling that keeps us dying for them to be together or straining against their future (depending on where you fall on the spectrum)? That would be Shonda Rhimes, who talked to Vulture about the pair.

“I love Fitz and Liv,” she said in a December 6 interview, “but I’m writing them. When we’re writing Fitz and Liv, we’re trying to write them from Fitz and Liv’s point of view. And so from their point of view, it’s true love. And maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong. But to them, it’s right.”

Sometimes, that is, but sometimes one of them has a crisis of conscience and then even more hell breaks loose. Take Liv almost marrying the senator, or Fitz giving Olivia the cold shoulder for a half dozen episodes after finding out she fixed the election to get him the presidency. At those moments, it was a lot less obvious whether Olivia and Fitz wanted a happy ending with each other.

So, what does Shonda think about them? Naturally, it’s complicated. “I don’t have personal feelings. I’m too inside it to have personal feelings about them. In a weird way, your characters are you, so I am Fitz and I am Liv. How can I have opinions about them?” she explains, adding that there’s a bit of a stand taken every once in a while.

“Sometimes I hate them,” the Scandal creator and writer says, pointing out that the morality that drives their union isn’t always there. He’s the president, married to a woman who isn’t Olivia Pope, and that woman — Mellie Grant — is the mother of his children. As we’ve found out recently, she’s given up a lot to help Fitz get to the highest office in the land, and he hasn’t always been the best guy. Besides cheating on Ms. Mellie, he’s also murdered a Supreme Court justice and lied up and down about all sorts of things.

Still, there are other moments when Shonda says, “I think, This is really beautiful. This is really true.” Like Cyrus has pointed out, the love between Fitz and Liv isn’t always the healthiest thing — not just for the two involved, but for the country. “For me, that great moment when they’re busy being in love and the world is falling apart around them […] that to me is sort of the essence of the show.”

What do you think about Fitz and Olivia: Do they belong together, or is the cost of their love too great to make it true? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Vulture

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