Five Fun Facts About Game of Thrones Star Alfie Allen
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Five Fun Facts About Game of Thrones Star Alfie Allen

Game of Thrones fans know Alfie Allen best as tortured soul (and body) Theon Greyjoy, but, much like on the show, there’s a lot going on under the surface. Here are five facts about Alfie that even the most ardent GoT fan might not know.

1. He was famous before GoT. Sort of. Alfie’s sister is none other than singer/songwriter Lily Allen, and Lily’s 2007 single “Alfie” is about her kid brother. In the song, Alfie is described as a lazy, pot-smoking freeloader. Harsh as that sounds, at least there weren’t any lyrics about flaying his pinky.

2. He hangs out with Ramsay IRL. You’d think Alfie would want nothing to do with the man who castrated him on TV, but Alfie has no trouble separating actor Iwan Rheon from his role as Ramsay. Alfie says of their friendship, “Me and Iwan go [to Belfast bars] for a couple of pints... [Iwan is a] top bloke. We spend so much time on screen together, I think we needed to form a relationship that was quite close.” As long as Iwan doesn’t eat any sausage while they’re out then we’re OK with it.

3. He likes getting naked. Or, he at least doesn’t mind it. Alfie says about the amount of time Theon spends sans clothes, “I'm fine about it. There have been times I've asked the director for notes before realizing that I'm standing there stark bollock naked. They'll be like, 'Can you just cover up a bit?’” We have to say, those full-frontal scenes will be a bit more difficult to do after Theon’s, ahem, surgery last season. We don’t think Alfie is that committed to the role!

4. His big break was replacing a Daniel Radcliffe role. No, not Harry Potter. Alfie took over the lead from Daniel in the play Equus in 2008, making the six degrees of separation among epic fantasy behemoths very small for the two actors.

5. He once peed on his sister’s head. It wasn’t recently! Alfie says it was his earliest memory, “I remember when me and my sister used to take baths together when we were very little babies, I peed on her head in the bath.” Let’s hope Theon doesn’t follow suit in a future GoT scene.

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