Five Subplots We’d Like to Forget From Glee Season 2

Overall, Glee’s second season was a blast, with a slew of great storylines. The show tackled tough issues (bullying, homelessness); introduced some awesome new couples — and should-be couples (Brittana, Klaine); added plenty of hilarious new characters, from Coach Beiste to Lord Tubbington; and gave us our required allotment of adorable Burt Hummel moments. We approve!

But, to use Steven Spielberg’s career as an analogy, not every moment in Glee can be Schindler’s List; occasionally, you’re gonna end up with a clunker like Hook. So here are five storylines from Season 2 we would just as soon forget. Let’s just be thankful that no one faked a pregnancy this year, right?

Five Subplots We’d Like to Forget From Glee Season 2
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5. Those annoying peripheral characters (think Jesse, Dr. Carl, and Terri)
Some characters outlive their shelf lives. Jesse’s (Jonathan Groff) constant whining and meddling is wearing on us; Dr. Carl’s sudden marriage to Emma (Jayma Mays) rang false; and it’s hard to know what Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) is bringing to the show at this point. Glee already tries to pack too many characters into the mix — why keep the unnecessary ones around?

4. Puck (Mark Salling) in a relationship
Sure, it’s been cute seeing Puck putting his wild ways aside for a relationship (or something vaguely resembling one) with Lauren (Ashley Fink). But we already have enough couples on this show — and Puck is most fun when he’s allowed to be Puck. Does anyone really want to see Mr. Mohawk trying to be responsible?

3. Where’s the male bonding?
Remember how cute Finn (Cory Monteith) was when he discovered Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) singing voice at the beginning of the season and it seemed they’d be instant besties? A close friendship never really materialized — although it doesn’t help the situation when you steal the guy’s girl, as Finn did with Quinn (Dianna Agron). And we haven’t really seen Finn and Puck as partners in crime as much as they were in Season 1 (at least before it came out that Puck knocked Quinn up). Bring back the bromance!

2. Finchel’s breakups and makeups
Does Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn’s kiss in this year’s season finale mean they’re finally going to have something resembling a stable relationship? Let’s hope so, considering that all this constant back-and-forth is getting old — not to mention that their relationship this season followed a very similar pattern to the second half of the first season. Yawn!

1. Artie (Kevin McHale) joins the team
We’re all for uplifting storylines, but we expect this show to have at least a modicum of believability. And unfortunately, allowing Artie and his wheelchair to wreak havoc on the football field — like he’s a deranged chariot driver from the racing scene in Ben-Hur — went just a little too far. We’re sure it would also be cool if the kids found a unicorn and started riding it to school, but that doesn’t make it a valid subplot.

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06.1.2011 / 02:25 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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