Five Things We DON’T Want to See in Glee Season 3

Along with the excitement about the start of a new season of Glee is the inevitable fear that the show will screw something up royally. To make sure that the show continues to get back to doing what made us all fall in love with it in the beginning, we present the top 5 things that must not happen in Season 3. Are you listening, Ryan Murphy?

Five Things We DON’T Want to See in Glee Season 3
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5. Sue losing her edge — or her dynamic with Schue
Watching Sue hit the same notes (pardon the pun) while fighting with glee over the past two years has become a little predictable, so we welcome the thought of her pursuing politics and finding someone new to tangle with. (Translation: Prepare to get made fun of for your hair, Mitt Romney.) But we still want Sue to get in plenty of anti-Schuester digs whenever possible. Sorry, Schue — you’re not off the hook that easily!

4. More original songs
Can we all agree that it’s time to put an end to “The Great Original Song Experiment of 2011”? The world has way too many disposable pop songs as it is without Glee’s producers feeling the need to add their own contributions. Stick to what you do best, guys.

3. Blaine joining New Directions
Don’t get us wrong: Glee without Blaine is like cereal without marshmallows. (And no one wants to eat cereal without marshmallows.) But adding Blaine to New Directions would feel forced and would change the dynamic. We’d rather Glee find a way to keep Blaine at Dalton. Plus, how could we possibly survive without new Warblers numbers — not to mention those adorable uniforms?

2. Quinn doing nothing
We loved Quinn in Season 1, but she just felt totally underused last season. Having her continue to pine for Finn clearly hasn’t been working, and Santana already sorta has the Queen Bitch thing covered. So let’s see Quinn do something new! Perhaps it’s time for her to establish a relationship with her daughter Beth? Long story short, we need better Quinn storylines in Season 3, or someone is gonna get slushied!

1. More pointless love triangles
One of the biggest complaints about last season was that it didn’t feel like any real progress was made with the storylines. (Did Schue grow or change at all in Season 2?) Our hope? That Brittana, Wemma, and Finchel can make more progress now that diversions like Artie, Carl, and Quinn, respectively, are in the past. (Then again, if Dr. Carl ever wants to show up in Season 3 just to look sexy, who are we to discourage him?)

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08.23.2011 / 12:57 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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