Glee Season 5: Five Ways Quinn Could Return
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Glee Season 5: Five Ways Quinn Could Return

Let’s face it: Glee’s ratings aren’t quite what they used to be. And while this could be just a result of more Glee fans catching the show on DVR or Hulu, we think it has something to do with the absence of some of the show’s favorite faces. Sadly, Finn (Cory Monteith) won’t ever be able to come back, but it’s high time that the show found a way to get Quinn (Dianna Agron) back into the mix.

If you’re afraid that the current Yale student wouldn’t have any reason to return to the show, think again. We’ve come up with five ways that Q could smoothly be integrated into the show’s current storylines. Long story short: We need our Quinn fix, and we need it now.

1. She lands a choreography job a theatre production in NYC

We’re not sure that Quinn would want to pursue singing or acting as a career although she definitely has the chops but we could see the former cheerleader getting a job choreographing a Broadway or off-Broadway show. How awesome would it be to see her helping choose the dance moves for a show that Rachel (Lea Michele) or Kurt (Chris Colfer) are in?

2. She joins Pamela Lansbury

Glee Season 5: Five Ways Quinn Could Return
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This one just might be our top pick for Quinn. Even if she doesn’t want to attend school at NYADA, she would be a perfect fit to join Kurt, Rachel, Santana (Naya Rivera), Dani (Demi Lovato), and Starchild (Adam Lambert) in their new band. And can you just imagine all the sexual chemistry, given that Santana and Quinn used to hook up, and now Santana and Dani do? We’re starting to sweat just thinking about it.

3. Moves to NYC with Beth — and turns into a stage mom

Glee Season 5: Five Ways Quinn Could Return
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The last we heard about Quinn’s daughter Beth and yes, it was a long time ago she was being happily raised by Shelby (Idina Menzel). But we’d love to check back in with Beth. We’d also kinda like to see Quinn raising her, in part because can see Quinn as a total type-A parent who’s trying to get Beth to book a commercial or get into a hyper-competitive NYC prep school.

4. She coaches the Cheerios

Glee Season 5: Five Ways Quinn Could Return
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This one’s kind of a no-brainer, right? Granted, we don’t necessarily want to see Quinn back in Lima not to mention that the show may be abandoning McKinley in the near future but with Sue (Jane Lynch) now serving as the school’s principal, we could definitely see Quinn returning to coach the team that she had so much success with back in the day.

5. Leads a rival Christian choir group

Quinn’s Christian upbringing was always a fascinating part of her character, and something that we wouldn’t mind the show continuing to explore. So we could see her getting a job at a Lima private school and leading a choir to go head-to-head with New Directions. Hey, the last we heard, Aural Intensity needed a coach, right?

I love all these ideas!

I don't really notice she's gone.

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