Jennifer Lawrence Magazine Cover Seriously Photoshopped — See the Before-and-After!
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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Magazine Cover Seriously Photoshopped — See the Before-and-After!

Why would any magazine editor ever think that J.Law had J.Flaws?

Inexplicably, Jennifer Lawrence fell victim to some serious Photoshop retouching courtesy of Flare magazine — as proven by a GIF recently posted to Tumblr that juxtaposes the original portrait of the Catching Fire star to the final June 2011 cover.

You can see the animated comparison here, but here's a full list of all the changes we've spotted.

  1. Predictably, Jennifer's hips, waistline, and shoulders were made narrower.

  2. The moles on her chest and neck were erased.

  3. The shading on her breasts was redefined.

  4. The wrinkles and bunching of her top and skirt were smoothed out.

  5. Her eyes and jaw were reshaped.

  6. Her eye makeup was adjusted.

  7. Her hair was somehow made to be more voluminous and more tamed-down.

  8. Most egregiously, her collarbone was shifted a few inches downward, elongating her neck.

  9. And most mysteriously, her right hand was made… bigger?

It's not the first time Jen has gotten a digital makeover. She didn't even recognize herself when she saw her Dior ads for the first time. "I love Photoshop more than anything in the world," she quipped. "Of course it's Photoshop — people don't look like that."

We'd love to see some magazine represent Jen and her fellow famous folk naturally and accurately, and we bet that the objectively-flawless Oscar winner would, too!

Source: Tumblr, Access Hollywood

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12.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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