Pretty Little Liars Flashback: Emily First Meets Maya (VIDEO)
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Flashback: Emily First Meets Maya (VIDEO)

It's hard to believe, but Pretty Little Liars has been on for four seasons. That's a lot of thrills, chills, and romance to remember. From now on, we'll be celebrating Flashback Fridays with a memorable scene from a Pretty Little Liars season past, because as much as we like the present season, sometimes nostalgia is fun.

Emily is more than happy with Paige these days (as long as her injury doesn't kill their Stanford dream), but we know there are plenty of Emaya fans who miss her first love, Maya. So come take a walk down memory lane with this clip, which features a much more uptight Ms. Fields, a still conflicted Emily, and the girl who helped her find the courage to come out.

Relive the memories below!

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