Florida Family Loses a Combined 300 Pounds — Check Out Their Inspiring Story!
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Florida Family Loses a Combined 300 Pounds — Check Out Their Inspiring Story!

For the Rose family, becoming the biggest losers was more than just a family project, it was a potential lifesaver. This family of five shed a combined 300 pounds of weight by working together to change their unhealthy habits.

First reported in CNN, mom to four children Gabi Rose says she struggled with her weight for years. Being pregnant four times with various complications had put this mom on a fast track to obesity. For the last few years, she had even resigned herself to wearing nothing but maternity clothes, and suffered numerous health problems due to her weight, including asthma attacks and repeatedly breaking her ankles.

With Gabi’s weight gradually ballooning up to 300 pounds, she also began to notice weight-related health issues happening with the rest of her family, particularly her husband David and her oldest daughter Rachel. After suffering a terrifying asthma attack while taking her kids home from a party, Gabi said she had an epiphany.

"The only thing I could think of is: 'I'm going to die here on the street,’" she said. “I called my husband and I told him where I was, because I didn't think I'd be alive when he got there."

Literally fed up with the situation, Gabi decided it was time for the whole family to get on board with a new way of living. Easier said than done, right? The key, she explains, was changing their habits by getting the whole family involved in cooking and eating healthy meals and getting more exercise.

Gabi says leading the charge to challenge the family with a new way of livings wasn’t always easy. Once their modified behavior began to show positive results, however, she says things became much easier.

It’s certainly paid off for the Rose family. Overall, Gabi lost over 150 pounds, and she’s gone from a size 26 to a size 2. She partnered with a doctor to develop a weight loss program and now travels the country speaking to groups about her success. Not to be outdone, her husband David lost 80 pounds, and their daughter Rachel, now 14, has lost 50 pounds so far and says her family helped her immensely with her self esteem.

The whole family now exercises together at the gym and rides bikes, and they enjoy cooking and eating their meals together. What a difference healthy habits make, congratulations to these big losers!

Source: CNN, GabiRose

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