Floyd Mayweather: I Don’t Want to Hook Up With T.I.’s Wife!
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Floyd Mayweather: I Don’t Want to Hook Up With T.I.’s Wife!

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. may love duking it out in the ring, but when he’s off the clock, he’s got no patience for petty feuds.

Floyd, who got into a violent fight with T.I. in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 25 (much of which was captured on video), is clearing up rumors about what started the brawl between the boxer and rapper.

While it was initially reported that Floyd and Tip were feuding over some impropriety between Floyd and T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Floyd is now denying that anything of the sort went down.

TMZ reports that the undefeated fighter was blindsided by the confrontation — allegedly started by T.I. — at Fatburger in Vegas, where the group was celebrating Floyd’s daughter’s birthday.

A source close to Floyd says that he was not only shocked by T.I. taking a swing at him, but at the allegations that he’s got more than a friendly interest in Tiny.

While T.I. may have been suspicious about Tiny and Floyd’s relationship, many sources have claimed it’s the rapper’s dalliances that are weakening the marriage. Despite the short life of many entertainment industry marriages, Tiny has denied that she and her hubby are close to the end of their rope, telling Arsenio Hall, “We fuss, we fight, we go through our things, but we’re still together.”

Source: TMZ