Former Moesha Star Insults Charlamagne Tha God Over Brandy!
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Former Moesha Star Insults Charlamagne Tha God Over Brandy!

Moesha fans probably remember Fredro Starr best for his portrayal of Moesha’s on-again, off-again boyfriend-turned-fiancé Quentin aka “Q,” but it turns out that the actor is actually a hardcore rapper, and recently the entertainer got into a heated argument with radio show host Charlamagne Tha God during an interview.

You see, Fredro and his bandmate, Sticky Fingaz, stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show to promote new music and talk returning to the rap scene after a bit of a hiatus. In the middle of the interview, Charlamagne touched on a recorded comment Fredro made back in the day about having a relationship with former Moesha co-star Brandy, detailing their sexcapades. Well guys, Fredro didn’t take too kindly to Charlamagne’s question and not only brought up an incident in which Charlamagne was attacked by several unidentified men outside of the radio station back in 2012, but also chastised Charlamagne for bringing up the past.

“You got ran off your own block. N—as get into it. N—as get p—y sometimes,” he said, telling Charlamagne that they had an issue, “Because the way you brought up some s—t on some slick s—t. I with all that B,” Fredro said.

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Fredro then went into a lengthy verbal onslaught, to the point where he physically got upset and removed his glasses to look Charlamagne in the eye as he continued to tell Charlamagne off.

“N—a punch this n—a in the eye on TV, he wanna try to play me. You never see a n—a punch me in the eye.”

Luckily the hosts, including Charlamagne, were able to calm things down long enough to continue on with the interview. Later in the interview, the radio hosts told Fredro that they had to touch on the Brandy comments, as it was the first they ever had Fredro at the station. Fredro said that he wouldn’t have been so angry about the mention of Brandy had he been given the option to atleast say “no comment.”

Do you think Charlamagne was wrong for bringing up Fredro’s sexual comment about Brandy? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: The Breakfast Club via YouTube

08.1.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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