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Former Real Housewives of Orange County Star Lydia McLaughlin Talks Life After the Show, Possible Return to TV

​Celebified hit the red carpet at this year's Saving Innocence Gala, where Real Housewives of Orange County star Lydia McLaughlin filled us in on her new life after the show, and whether or not she will return to television. Lydia left RHoOC after just one season, and called the departure "bittersweet" at the time.

"It's really weird," Lydia told Celebified of her departure. "I thought I'd be a little more sad, but it's just like, back to normal."

Even without the show, she says, there's plenty to keep her busy. "I have two kids and a lot of businesses, so we're charging on."

What about the return to TV? "We're interested in and perusing different projects," Lydia said of her family, which she totally has an eye on growing soon. Do those projects include cameras, perhaps? Possibly!

"I liked the cameras," Lydia admitted. I just don't know if i liked the ladies."

That sounds harsh, but Lydia clarified that she meant the drama, not the women themselves.

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